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Investing your money with us, you will receive interest rates of up to 5%.

The interest is paid to your account every month together with the principal payments. Your personal dashboard will provide you with all information and statistics needed to observe your money’s performance.

Your investment could therefore look like this:
Month Invested Amount You Receive Interest Earned
1st Month €50,000.00
2nd Month €50,208.33 €208.33 0.42%
3rd Month €50,417.53 €209.20 0.42%
After 1 Year €52,588.09 €2,558.09 5.12%
After 2 Years €55,247.07 €2,688.97 10.49%
After 3 Years €58,073.61 €8,073.61 16.15%

In case you reinvest your money every month, you will have earned 16.15% of interest after three years. This is an average of 5.38% per year.

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